The entire concept for Circus Mashimus came from a dream about circus freaks. Of course that seemed like a perfectly reasonable analogy for API management... So with the help of fine artists Mike Eli and Savannah Snow, we created the theme for Mashery's API lounge at SXSW and expanded upon it over the course of several years.
"We told Plumbline Studios that we were going to organize a developer lounge at South by Southwest, and with little time and little else to go on, they conceived the entire concept of "Circus Mashimus", produced all the necessary graphics, gave us advice on decor, and designed t-shirts that were very popular with attendees. The lounge was so successful that it's become an eagerly-awaited fixture at SXSW and a successful annual event for Mashery and our customers." 
- Oren Michaels, President, Mashery 

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